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  Orders are taken by e-mail : at - jim@redlinecycle.com
      ***Note - The phone numbers still seen on misc. pages of our site are no longer in service
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We are closing out much of our inventory -
Ask for special pricing on discontiued items >
serviced carb sets, exhaust sytems, and MORE!

Orders are taken by e-mail : at - jim@redlinecycle.com

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Air Cleaners
Air Cleaner Box Ducts and Related Parts
Alternator (AC Generator) & Parts                                          Click Here .... For Old Kaws and other Bikes we've Sold
Batteries / AGM Maintenance - Free                                                Click Here ..... For a look into a KZ engine being rebuilt
Big Bore Piston Kits
Body Sidecovers and Parts
Bolts / Nuts / Washers - (See Hardware Listings)
Brake Parts / Caliper  (Info on brake identification in this section)
Brake Master Cylinder Assemblies
Brake Parts / Drum Hardware
Brake Parts / Lines
Brake Parts / Master Cylinder
Brake Parts / Pads & Shoes
Brake Parts - Discs & Rotors
Cables  ......For all 900& 1000 models    **We have thousands of excellent used parts for
                                                                         Kaw 900's and 1000's.....All  guaranteed!!
Carburetors and Related Parts
Case Savers / Engine Guards
Chain, Sprockets, and Related Parts
Chassis Electrical Parts  > (Main Electrical Parts Index)....
Clutch Components
Crankcase Vent Filters
Decals / Misc.
Decals & Emblems - Fuel Tank
Decals & Emblems / Sidecover
Engine Covers / New & Used
Engine Gaskets
Engine Guards                               Send E-Mail to:  jim@redlinecycle.com
Engine Oil Seals / O-Rings / Oil Windows

Engine Parts / Internal  > (Main Engine Parts Index)......Check out our KZ Engine Rebuild pages....

Engines / Complete & Major Engine Components
      Updated 5-7-17 >  Demand for Kaw 900 - 1000 Engines is high -  But we have a few nice ones -

Exhaust Systems and Related Parts
Fender Eliminator Kits
Foot Controls: Pedals / Kicker / Shift Lever & Parts
Footpegs & Related Parts
Front Fork / Steering Head & Related Parts
Fuel Filters
Fuel Injection (KZ1000G - Z-1 Classic) Parts
Fuel Petcocks & Related Parts
Fuel Tank Decals & Emblems
Gas Caps & Related Parts                      Send E-Mail to: jim@redlinecycle.com
Gaskets / Engine
Grab Bars & Handles - Seat
Handle Levers & Parts
Handlebar Switches
Handlebars / Grips
Hardware - Specialty Fasteners / Chassis
Hardware - Specialty Fasteners / Engine
Headlights & Related Parts
Ignition Coils
Ignition Switches / Locks
Ignition Systems and Parts - Electronic  ...Aftermarket and Kawasaki factory ....
Ignition Systems and Parts - Point Ignition
Ignition Wires and Parts
Intake Manifolds and Parts
Kickstarter                                         Send E-Mail to:   jim@redlinecycle.com
Locks / Ignition Switches
Meters (speedo/tach) & Related Parts
Oil Coolers & Parts
Oil Filters and Oil Change Hardware
Oil Pressure Switch & Boot
Oil Seals / O-Rings - Engine
Piston Kits - 903cc Stock Overbore
Piston Kits - KZ1000 Drop-In
Rubber Parts - Dampers / Grommets / Mounts
Seats and Related Parts
Shock Absorbers....... 10% off repro Z-1 / KZ900-1000 shocks
Sidecovers (Body) and Related Parts
Sidecover Decals and Emblems
Speedometers / Tachometers & Related Parts
Sprockets and Related Parts
Stands & Stand Parts New >  Adjustable Side Stand
Starter Clutch Parts
Steering Damper / Bracket  .....  NOW IN STOCK!
Swingarms & Related Parts
Tail Lites & Related Parts
Tail Storage Tray
Tail Section
Tires And Related Parts
Tools / Tool Kits & Pouches
Transmission Parts
Turn Signals and Related Parts
Wheels and Related Parts
Wire Harness
Z1-R Specific Parts

                            If you don't see it here, that doesn't mean we don't have it.... Send E-Mail to:  jim@redlinecycle.com

  Yes – Redline Cycle is still open, and selling a full inventory of Kaw 900 & 1000 parts from our online catalog:
There are over 4000 pages on our website, and our old phone numbers (no longer in service) will all be deleted from all the pages over time.

We take orders via e-mail (jim@redlinecycle.com)   and payment by PayPal / Checks / Money Orders – - We no longer take credit cards
Please give us the year & model of your Kaw -  - Please state your payment preference, and your shipping zip code (or international location - International orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail only - The rate based on your specific location). ….. and I'll send you an invoice,and a PayPal payment request, or, if necessary, a mailing address for your payment - - And just in case, your phone number

If a phone call becomes necessary, it will happen.

What can we do for you?    Jim Goebel / Mgr. / Redline Cycle Svc., Inc.

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