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20% of all the work we do to the Kaw 900's and 1000's is related to carburetors......
Our inventory of new carb parts is extensive, and out of necessity (Some components
either no longer available new or too expensive new) our selection of used carb parts
on hand is huge........
Once completed, the majority of our new parts inventory will appear on these pages....
In the meantime, call us toll-free at 877-271-9292 for your carb parts needs......
(Carb set sales require a core set of Kaw 900/1000 carbs as partial exchange...Call for Info)

Accelerator Pump Parts

Carb Gaskets - Float Bowl & Carb Top

Carb Repair Kits

Fuel Filters

Fuel Joints

Fuel Lines / Vent lines / Overflow Lines

Fuel Petcocks

Hardware / Bowl & Top Screws / Drain Screws           Call for Info ......  toll-free 877-271-9292

Intake Manifolds     ......An old set of intake manifolds can make the best set of carbs look bad

Jets ....For Stock Kaw 900 & 1000 Carbs

Mikuni Stock Carb Sets

Mikuni VM29 Smoothbore Carbs   ....... Availability Limited / Call for Info ..... toll-free 877-271-9292
                                                                                         See our VM29 Tech Page
Mikuni VM29 Mikuni Smoothbore Parts

Mikuni VM34 / VM36 RS Conversions  .....The last word in performance

Mixture Screws / KZ1000 Models

Needle & Seat Assemblies

O-Rings / Seat Washers
             NOTE : Sales of Individual o-rings Discontinued once current stock is depleted

Vaccuum Sync Tools

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