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Exhaust Flanges / Collars & Parts

We also have a large selection of good used  exhaust flanges and other exhaust parts
in stock......Just ask!   Call us toll-free at  877-271-9292

These high-quality aluminum, Kawasaki OEM smooth style exhaust flanges not only look good, they fit either left or right pipes (unlike the finned OEM Kaw type). 

They use the same half-collars as your Kaw 900 or 1000...Half collars shown below on this page..
Although they come in an attractive satin finish, they can be polished, or chromed if desired.

They will fit any stock or aftermarket pipes which use the detachable flange.

These come with 8mm holes to fit the 77 and later 1000 models, but easily adapt to the 73 thru 76 900's by using the 6mm flange nuts and 1/4 flat washers shown below on this page.

In stock at Redline Cycle.
                     $19.99 ea. / 4 per bike

......................... Genuine Kawasaki OEM exhaust half collars for all 1973 to 1980 900 & 1000 models.......

The stock ones are the best ones......These can be used with  aftermarket pipes as well as the originals.....

.......8 per bike.....Sold individually or as a set....

                             OEM half collars NLA

See listing below.....

............................ An alternative to the Kaw OEM half-collars -

Aftermarket (Vance & Hines) half collars -

Not quite the quality of the OEM ones, but good enough
to do the job - And probably a lot better than yours -

                 $28.00 per set / 8

In Stock at Redline Cycle

New exhaust hardware for your 900 or 1000!! Sets include enough for one bike.

Grade 8, serrated flange nuts for mounting your pipe...way better than the originals:
6mm for 900 models $.70 ea / $5.25 set 
8mm for 1000 models $.90 ea. / $6.95 set

New OEM exhaust studs: 
6mm for 900 models  $3.95 ea. 
8mm for 1000 models $4.35 ea.

6mm chrome washers for mounting 8mm flanges on a 900 head $.30 ea. / $2.25 set

In stock at Redline Cycle

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