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Valve Adjustment Shims

Redline has a complete inventory of every size valve adjustment shim for Kaw 900 & 1000 engines.......
The shims used in the 1973 thru 1980 Kawasaki 900 & 1000 engines are the same as those used in many
Yamaha XS models from the 1970's and early 1980's....... Both are of the same high quality.
These OEM factory Kawasaki / Yamaha shims are the only ones we use.
The aftermarket shims which are available are of  inferior quality;
 ......often improperly hardened, which not only results in innacurate valve clearance,
 but also in major engine damage.
This is one instance where trying to save money doesn't pay.
Prices vary depending on our inventory, but generally range from $4 to $20 each ....Please call for prices....
New Kawasaki OEM shims are becoming very scarce in some sizes as NOS stocks dry up

Valve shims are produced in sizes ranging from 200 to 320: Literally, this indicates a shim's thickness....
"250" means that the shim is 2.5 millimeters thick, and from one number to the next the difference is just under .002...
..... Under normal circumstances, these shims do not wear and their thickness doesn't change.....
The Kawasaki "A" suffix shims as shown below are a bit thicker than the average for their size, and
were only found in bikes assembled at the factory in those days.....
There are no Kawasaki part numbers for "A" suffix shims, and they aren't available new.....

Identifying valve shim types:

Top Left: Identified by the type of numbers on the shims:
                These aftermarket shims have a distinctive 
                ...often using a semicolon between the "2" and the 
                 rest of the number. Avoid these: If you find any in
                 your engine, get rid of them and switch to the 
                 OEM ones....
Bottom Center: A typical Kawasaki OEM valve shim
Bottom Left: There "A" suffix on this Kawasaki OEM shim
                      means that it is a tad thicker than a 205 size,
                      by about .00025 to .0005
Bottom Right: The "Y" prefix indicates that this shim was 
                        originally in a Yamaha..... No difference in
                        quality, and useable in a Kaw.

Typical shim damage:

In these aftermarket valve shims, you can see the outer surface coming off...... This is due to poor hardening during manufacturing, and will have the immediate effect of scoring the cam lobe that is actuating that lifter......

In addition, the bits of metal that come off will cause damage and send metal-contaminated oil throughout the engine.....

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