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Shock Absorbers / Progressive

In addition to the new shocks shown below, we usually have a very good selection of used
stock and aftermarket shocks in stock.........Just ask Us!!....Toll-free 877-271-9292......

Progressive 12 Series shocks......These high quality shocks are available in 12.5", 13.0", and 13.5" lengths.
(Stock 900 & 1000 models use a 13.5" length shock).........Chrome or black springs are available in a
variety of spring rates. Shocks and springs are available individually........When sold as sets, we send them
asesembled and ready for installation, with all necessary harware and an adjusting tool......
For all 1973 thru 1980 900 & 1000 models......
13.5 inch / 13.0 inch shocks, and 90/130 (standard) springs in both chrome & black are always in stock....
12.5 inch shocks special order (2 days) -
Inventory varies on optional lengths and spring rates
For reference: Stock shocks on the 1973 thru 1980 models are generally 13.5 inch -

 Shown here are 13.0" length shocks with chrome springs, mounted with a 2" over swingarm.......
We normally use a 90/130 spring rate on most of the street bikes we build.......More pics lower on this page..

            Set w/Chrome Springs  $289.95
               (All lengths)

These 13.0" shocks with black springs are mounted on a stock LTD swingarm, also with 90/130 springs.....More pics lower on this page....

            Set w/Black Springs     $279.95
              (All lengths)

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